Monday, February 28, 2011

A table and a fort.

Finally after six years of using my parents old kitchen table we bought a new one!! I think the old table was as old as me! I remember eating there my whole childhood. The chairs have been recovered and moved numerous times. It was kind of nice to have such an old table I felt like the kids could do anything, paint, play dough, color, cook, etc. But after one of the chairs broke and we only had three left we finally decided it was time. I love it! It is a beautiful nine piece set. It has been so nice to walk into the kitchen and see the new improvement! So beautiful!!
As you could imagine we had about five boxes after putting the table together, so what better way to use them then as a fort! We made the fort yesterday morning and it is still up! It even has a slide! I love how a box can bring so much joy to the kids and even me!!!


More snow fell last Sunday. Not too happy about that one! But the kids love it. They have so much fun while Dave pulls them around on the sled. I love that they ride like this! So funny!!!
Ava loves to make snowballs.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Everyday with these two I laugh hysterically. I love that their love for each other is growing. They love to play, share, and hang out with each other. Cash always tells Ava "Bye Sissy love you have fun!" when we drop her off at school every morning. I think its every parents dream to have their children be close and loving towards each other. I know how much I love my brothers and sister and how much fun growing up with all of them was. It will be interesting to see how things go once the baby arrives. Not kidding Ava pulled Cash around the house for a good 2o minutes! He was laughing nonstop. I should have strapped a rag to him and let them mop the floors!!
He was so exhausted after church. he is trying so hard to go to nursery. Once we get to the outside of the door he looks at me and says "I go home now"

They love cuddling in bed trying to wake up Dad. They think its so funny that he can sleep through anything.

14 Days of LOVE

We started this fun tradition called "14 days of Love" last year. We start on February 1st thru the 14th. I'm not very crafty so I bought our Valentine bags at Target in the dollar bins. Each day there are new love notes from all of our family members. its so fun for the kids to read Valentines from family members who live far away. They also get a fun little toy or treat in their bag. Dave and I also get in on this but I have different little love questions to answer. Its a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Before kids I didn't really care about silly holidays like Valentines but its fun to decorate and spread some extra love. Valentines Day morning we made chocolate chip heart shaped pancakes. Cash couldn't wait to eat his!
This year Dave and I had an agreement that we wouldn't spend more then $5 dollars on each other. I made him a cute scrapbook "10 Things I Love About You." But like always he goes above and beyond. I was having a really bad day and he left his busy Saturday working in the basement to surprise me with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. I was shocked. It was such a nice early gift. I love Dave so much and all he does for me. I fall more in love with him everyday. HAPPY LOVE DAY!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Train Station

We spent Saturday morning at the Ogden Train Station. We had so much fun with Koi, Blythe, and Grandma Jack. We left Dave and Grandpa Steve at home working on the basement. Cash and Koi are obsessed with trains! It was so much fun watching them run around looking at everything. Ava had fun listening to Grandma tell her of the days when Grandma went there when she was little. I'm glad Blythe and Grandma were there to help chase Cash for me I'm a little slow these days! I was trying so hard to get Cash to stand by this sign and smile but I should have known that wasn't going to happen. But I think this shot turned out super cute.
Don't get me wrong Ava loves train too!

They have miniature trains sets that go all over the place. Cash would squeal in delight when he saw them going around the track.
Ava riding in the caboose. She thought that was pretty cool to sit so high up.

Ava, Cash, and Koi sitting on a passenger train.
We will defiantly be headed back there with Dave. The kids can't wait to show him everything.


Cash had his very first dentist appointment last week. I have never had to much anxiety before! Ava was the best big sister, she was telling him all about what they would do and how much fun it is. I'm glad he will listen to her because it went perfectly! At their dentist parents aren't allowed back with the kids while they are being worked on. Ava went back first for x-rays and her fluoride treatment, then the assistant came for Cash luckily I was able to go back for his first time. We watched as the dentist looked and counted Ava's teeth. Cash actually sat on the assistants lap to get a better view. When it was his turn there were a few tears but it was over quick.
I'm so glad that our friends recommend Dr. Aaron Christensen to us. He turned our whole outlook on dentists after Ava's drama with her front tooth. So much that Ava wants to be a dentist when she is older.

CASH turns 2!!

Cash was a very lucky boy this year he had four different parties!! But not so lucky that I didn't have a working camera at all parties. My hope is by the time we have this new little one that problem will be solved. Anyway, I still can't believe that my little man isn't so much of a little man anymore. He is TWO!! Cash is so different at this age then Ava was. I know alot of that has to with me here I was thinking he was my last so I really baby him. But, we are working on that and he really is the sweetest boy ever. He is so smart he reminds me so much of Dave. His smile and love that he brings into our family is incredible. Grandpa Tom and Cash. Two of my most favorite people in the world! I wish Grandpa lived closer so he can hang out with Cash more. I love to call him up and tell him all the funny things Cash has been up to.
Here is our family photo. Cash was so hot look at those cheeks!!

I'm really so blessed to have Cash in my life and in our family. He is so full of love and ciaos that it keeps me sane in a very weird way!
Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate.