Thursday, September 6, 2012

update soon!

I'm hoping with school starting I can update this blog!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feed me!!!!

 This itsy bitsy thing surprises me. She out eats Cash and Ava daily but still stays so tiny. She has to feed herself, we have come to the point were we have to strip her down to her diaper to eat. Even with a bib on its all over! She will eat anything, not picky at all! 

Love this little mug!

My kiddos

I honestly don't know what I would do if these three kiddos weren't in my life. I love the little moments around the house that I get to see every day. It throws me for a loop sometimes thinking that I have three kids but it is truly the best job ever!  I get to  see their personalities growing constantly, and the love that they have for each other is the best thing to witness.

I think people are surprised that Cash is such a great big brother. He is always going a million miles an hour but he does slow down and he loves Jovi so much. 

 I guess I should say I have four kids counting Nic. He is super protective of the kids especially little Jo. He sits with her and lets her talk his ear off!
 Oh this girl gets to me, I love her!!
So sweet.

rough life!

Rough life Cash leads here at home. He is so silly eating his banana. 

Valentines Day was a big day at our house!

We always kick off Valentines Day with our 14 days of love. This year we decided to do all the cheesy love notes to the kids. They thought it was great and enjoyed getting some pretty funny things. Their favorite valentine from us was the sticky hand saying "We're stuck on you" 

 One of their presents is always a shirt to wear. Can you feel the love?!
 Big day here in our house, Ava lost her first tooth over a wonderful dinner of spaghetti! She looked at me with this surprised expression on her face and smiled at me as she pulled her tooth out! She was beyond excited to finally loose a tooth!

Jovi's first valentines day! she was super stoked! Not really she could care less! She loves being with everyone and we love having her!

We're Jammin'

This guy loves music especially when listening on the iPod with the ear pieces in. 

Chinese New Year

 Every year the 2 ND grade classes learn about the Chinese New Year , then they put on a parade. This year the immersion classes were invited to be in the parade plus put on an assembly. The kids dressed up in traditional Chinese clothing and sang songs. It was so fun to go and watch. Ava told us we need to celebrate every year. 

 Ava with her teacher Ms. Ding
 Ava waiting to sing during the assembly.
Parade time!