Monday, June 20, 2011

Thomas the Train

We decided at the last minute to go up to Heber City to see Thomas the Train. Cash isn't really into Thomas but he loves trains. We met up with Koi and his parents. Cash and Koi were so cute running around together. I love that they are so close, they get into so much trouble already. Kind of dreading the years to come!!! My favorite picture of the day. These two love each other so much and always have the others back.
Crazies running through the maze.

Getting his first tattoo!
Playing trains.

Ava was such a trooper. Luckily she found something that she liked, coloring!!

Aunt Blythe is the best ever and got the kids cotton candy! Cash had it all over himself. I was out feeding Jovi and I guess people were scared that he was going to touch them!! At one point he had a full on beard.

I'm glad we went up and experienced Thomas. It's so fun to see the kids play.