Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday DAVE!

Yesterday Dave turned 27!! He sure was a good looking baby. He has grown into such an amazing husband, father, friend, and brother.



1. the way he gets Ava to do chores, its always a fun game
2. I love how thoughtful he is
3. the way he turns into such a softie when it comes to his kids
4. his work ethic
5. he is so good looking!
6. he is the BEST husband I could ever ask for
7. takes great care of Nic, he can teach that dog anything
8. he can fix ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
9. surprisingly a great cook
10. always helping others
11. he is a welder who is so talented the stuff he works on plus, all the cute things he makes for me.
12. he is a full time student with a 3.0 who also works 40 plus hours a week and still has time for the family. Can you say Superman.
13. the way he reads books to the kids. So funny
14. he is an incredible long border who likes to take the kids for rides
15. lets me stay at home with Thing 1 and Thing 2
16. has always put me and the kids before everything else.
17. knows all the words to every Disney Princess song
18. gets way too excited when buying Cash toys
19. The man loves cheese
20. great dance skills
21. can always make me laugh
22. his love for his parents and siblings
23. he supports me in everything I do
24. such a genuine guy
25. strongest guy in the world(Ava added that one!)
26. his confidence
27. He is my best friend who has been by my side for the past 7 years. I love you!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ava's Christmas Concert

Thursday was Ava's Christmas Concert. Wow she was awesome!! Her preschool class opened the show singing Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Then they did the most adorable dance to There's Something Livin' in the Christmas Tree!! So cute Ava was so expressive.

Mom and Ava after the show

Lincoln and Ava. Lincoln is just about the sweetest thing ever! He brought Ava some flowers!! Love Him.

Here is a video of Ava dancing. ENJOY !!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Destruction By Cash

Look at this mess!! It amazes me the mass destruction Cash can do when he is unsupervised!! Love having a boy around!

But at the end of the day he is there to help clean it all up! Love you Cash