Friday, November 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Almost the whole family was able to go to the pumpkin patch this year. We had a fun night picking our pumpkins, eating pizza and watching the Utes play. Look at this bunch! We're a good lookin' crew!!!
My two little pumpkins! Cash was just amazed at how many "punkins" there were.

Here's our family photo for the year! ; ) We were going to get some taken this fall but then baby number three decided that he/she was needed so hopefully next year!!!

Uncle Mike showed the kids how it was done back on the farm. They all had hay in their mouths!
Isn't it adorable how Cash and Rian have their arms around each other? They are such great buddies.

Love this picture.


This has been along time coming. I had the hardest time with Ava turning 5. She has turned into everything I could ever imagined she would. Ava is my "best buddy" as she puts it! These past 5 years have been full of so my memories here are just a few.... Here is my sweet Ava Jae Barnes on the day she was born all 8lbs 15oz of her! I had the easiest pregnancy with her and a very nice easy labor. I will never forget when everyone left us alone we looked at each other and smiled. I will never forget a single second of that day. It changed our lives forever.
Ava on her 1st birthday! What a fun birthday, I made her a very cute monkey cake that she wanted nothing to do with! She licked the frosting alittle bit but then she was over it.

Lucky girl to be able to celebrate her 2nd birthday with the Jacobs side of the family. We were all in Denver for Bonnie and Wes's wedding. Ava loves her colorado cousins!

Ava turned 3 in Disneyland!! Our first family vacation and we went all out and headed to Disneyland! What a fun time I had showing Ava and Dave all around my favorite place. Ava wore a special birthday pin at the parks everyone would tell her Happy Birthday she thought she was extra special!

4 years old! This year marked the first friend party. Ava chose to have a Under the Sea party. Grandma Vicky made an awesome mermaid cake!

A Whole Hand!! About 8 months before her birthday Ava started to say "When I turn a whole hand I'm...." It has been one of the funniest things that girl has said to us! I love that she is so smart to realize that 5 and a whole hand are one in the same. As soon as she woke up on her birthday we had to open presents, she just couldn't wait any longer

Birthday spankings!

Ava surprised me this year when she asked for a dinosaur party. Ava is very girlie but she loves her dinosaurs. We had a family party at the Dinosaur Museum. Of course my camera decided to die that day so this is the only picture I have of her at her party.
We love you Ava. You have the sweetest personality, the most gentle heart, and a fierce stubborn streak! You have made our lives so much better. We are so proud of the amazing girl you are growing into. All our love Mom and Dad.