Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm in Love

Dave and I really wanted to take Ava to see THE LION KING on BROADWAY. So when we found some tickets at the right price we couldn't pass it up. I took Ava shopping to get a brand new dress, she picked this out, she has such an eye for fashion! I did have to cut it apart and sew it so it would fit her, dang her she is just a petite little thing! What a special night to spend one on one time with her. I feel really bad that she doesn't have me all to herself like she use to. It was a night we will both remember. She can't stop talking about. I love my Miss Ava Jae!!
All the loves of my life. I'm so lucky to have these peeps in my life. I love them all more then any of them can imagine.

Oh Cash! I think he loves his bouncy more now then he did when he was little. He was getting some serious air bouncing on this, it scared me so he can only use this on the carpet!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Isn't this how you mow your lawn?

We make yard work a whole family affair. Cash loves to help mow the lawn, most of the time he helps push, but I think he was running out of steam so what better way to finish then hitchin a ride on Dad's back.

Jacobs Cousins came to town!!

We were so excited for our annual visit from the Jacobs Family. We had a fun weekend planned. We spent an afternoon at the Tree House Museum.All the cousins in a TeePee.

The best part of our day at the museum was story time. All the big kids were chosen to be apart of the story. What better story then Allosaurus the Dinosaur. If you know these kids it fit perfectly!!! Jaxon was the main dinosaur, he had the best ROAR!!!

Miss Ava as a dinosaur

Off to the knights table. The kids dressed up and pretended to be royalty!

All Cash did was run around like crazy. So lucky that Grandma Vicky and Aunt Candace were there to help keep an eye on Ava while I was chasing the little bugger! He did find a drinking fountain that occupied his time, but running + water = throwing up!! Don't worry he was fine.

Cash also liked this giant chess set.

Next, we were off to Grandma Vicky's place to ride the horses!! We had fun BBQing and horseback riding. All these kids are big animal lovers. They were pros at riding.

Heres two of our cowgirls. Kylie was able to get new boots this year, very fancy!

Love this picture! It does make me sad that we live so far away from these loves.

Kylie the cowgirl. Kylie has been taking riding lessons and it showed she didn't even need the lead rope. Wow how she has grown, I remember when she was a little tiny baby how in love with her I was and still am. I was so blessed to be able to spend so much time with her and watch her grow, she has grown into the most beautiful girl with the best attitude. I have to thank her for blessing me with the love for children if it wasn't for her I don't think I could have had the confidence to take care of my kids. Kylie truly is an amazing girl. I love you Ky Ky!!

After going to the rodeo, Ava wants to be a "Whoopie Girl" They are the girls who ride around with flags with the sponsors logos. Grandma Vicky made her a flag to practice with.

Cash LOVED riding! He doesn't cry but he would when his turn was over. Who ever thought that Dave would be on a horse?! He would do anything for his kids.

All three girls riding Jake.