Monday, June 29, 2009

This has been one crazy month. There are tons of pictures of the kids. Enjoy!!!

As many of you already know Ava had to have one of her front teeth pulled due to complications of a bad filling. I have to admit I was so nervous for her to have the tooth pulled especially since there was some crazy talk going on in the neighborhood about how she wouldn't be as cute and a bunch of other stuff, but what all those people don't know is how brave and confident Miss Ava Jae is. She totally rocks this new look. I never thought that it was possible for her to get any cuter but she just did. These were taken a few days after her surgery.

Just look at those faces!!! I have the best job in the world. I get to spend day in and day out with those adorable kids!

Ava being Ava. Such a goofball.

Ava's pre-school graduation. Yes you read that right. The little thing finished her first year of pre-school. Thanks to Miss Marsha Ava has really stepped out of her shell. She knows her ABC's, numbers, colors, and shapes and many other things. The only thing I was told to work with her on is cutting with scissors! I thought that was hilarious, I never allow her to use them she is only three!! Ava surprised us and wrote a song titled "The Spooky Song" which she sang at graduation. She has a journal that she writes all her songs in. I love that she is so creative. I have video of her performing I just don't know how to get it on here.
The kids and I flew over to Denver for Kylie's baptism and for our yearly visit. Flying alone with one child I can handle but flying with two was a little more difficult but I managed. The first night we were in Denver we had a surprise party for Matt and Candace so much fun seeing my cousin Rachael and her son Carson(too cute for words) my Aunt Susan, Uncle Dave and Chris and most of Candace's family. Next we were off to kylie's baptism. What an awesome experience. We shopped, swam, played at Amazing Jake's for six hours!!! and survived a tornado!! Ava is now an expert on tornadoes. It scared her at first but her grandpa Tom and Uncle Matt were there to cuddle her to ease her nerves. Such a fun filled week that flew by way too fast. On the way home all three of us fell asleep for the entire flight. Thank goodness!

Grandma Carla, Ava, Cash and Grandpa Tom
It was so nice to stay with Dad and Carla. Ava loved sleeping in the "Jungle" room. It was just so much fun hanging out with those two.

Amazing Jake's
Ava & Alyssa
The 2 cutest three year olds I have ever seen!! Girls playing Dance Dance Revoultion Me, Ava and Alyssa
This ride is like the Tea Cups. I made the mistake of going on it first with Jaxon who spun us as fast as he could I was so sick, luckily the girls didn't go as crazy Ava & me on the Go-Karts.
Ava liked it at first but she got bored. She really wanted to drive.
Ava's recital was held at the Perry Egyptian Theater. It was so fancy, totally perfect for our little performer. She danced to a song called "Hollywood" I was crying during the whole performance. She was amazing! Thanks to Aunt Mindee for doing Ava's hair. Look how cute.
A boy and his duck!!
This is duckie, Cash has to have him to sleep with. I layed him down and went to check on him and this is what I saw. My little man is the best.
Our newest addition
Ava named our puppy Nic. We finally found a dog for us. He is a goldendoodle. About 8 weeks old in the picture. He has been such a wonderful addition to the family. Potty training is going great. He knows his name and other commands already. He is so smart