Friday, October 8, 2010

Black Island Farm

October couldn't have come fast enough for us Halloween lovers in this family! Ava was so excited that we put up our decorations the last week of September. I know we are crazy here in this house. If Ava had it her way it would be Halloween all year long. So when Aunt Blythe invited us to Black Island farm we were thrilled! We went the very first day they opened, it was perfect we were the only ones there. The kids had the run of the place. They had a huge pumpkin bouncy house, a train, corn maze, enormous slides, swings and animals. We are actually headed back this weekend with the whole family to go on the hayride and get our pumpkins. Ava and Koi in the bouncy house. I'm so glad they were the only ones in the bouncy house. its scary enough with the three of them in there I couldn't imagine bigger and more kids with them.
Cash going down the slide. Normally he thinks he has to stand up while sliding but he did pretty good here.

We tried so hard to get all three at the top of the slide holding hands but that didn't happen! This is as close as it came.

Ava in the corn box. I love this so much more then sand!

Cash, Ava, and Koi riding the train. At first Ava didn't want Cash to ride with her, but then she was so sweet and told Cash she would ride with him to keep him safe! My heart melted just a little. : )

My two rockstars!

Look at this slide its HUGE! Grandma Jack, Blythe, and Dave were brave to take the kids on this.

Dave and Cash at the bottom of the slide. Looks like fun boys.

There were two pony swings and......

This shark swing! I have never seen a tire swing like this!
It seems we have fun activities planned every weekend in October, I love it! Last week we went to this cute train station with tiny trains just for the little ones. But like normal I didn't have my camera or my phone! Good thing Grandma Jack, and Blythe are so on top of things!!On the 16th we are having Ava's 5th birthday party! I can't believe I will have a five year old. I'm having a hard time with that one!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BIG news around here!

Dave and I decided that we were done having kids. We have a beautiful daughter and a crazy yet handsome son. I knew I was done when everyone else around me was getting pregnant friends, sister, sister in law. I didn't get the feeling of "OOH I want another one." I was happy with the two little ones I have what else could we ask for right? WRONG!!! Despite being on birth control we still manged to have a little surprise, or should I say BIG surprise!! I took two at home tests and they both came up positive. I still wanted to be sure and go to the Dr because I was sure the tests were wrong. They took a test at the Dr's office and they told me it was negative. The nurse asked if I was OK with that and my answer was "yes" My Dr reassured me that if I was taking my pills I couldn't get preggo. So I get home tell Dave and start making lunch when all of a sudden my phone rings, guess who? The nurse called me back and said this to me " I was needed on the phone with a patient before I cleaned up your test and when I turned around I noticed that your test was positive" I was speechless. I had to go back in for blood work to get a for sure answer. We had to wait 24 hours until we would have the results. That was a killer! Very tense in our house as you could imagine. I was at the park with my wonderful friends when I got the news that I was 100 percent pregnant. I was floored! Now I had to go home and tell Dave that yep we are having another one. After the shock wore off about a week and half later we couldn't have been more excited about this baby. We figured our first was a surprise and look at how beyond amazing she has turned out. I started feeling like crap right off the bat. I have been so sick from about 11am until I went to bed at night. I also started to notice things that shouldn't start happening until later on in my pregnancy. I went in for my standard 8 weeks check up everything looked great, until the ultrasound!!! My Dr and I both got very quite as we noticed TWO babies!! My heart started racing until I heard these words " looks like one baby has died but the other one is perfect with a strong heartbeat." Then my heart stopped I just couldn't comprehend that. My Dr explained to me that that is very common but kind of rare since I was on birth control to get pregnant at all let alone with twins. I think I was in shock because it really didn't hit me until a couple of days later. I had lost a baby. I was such a wreck. I was heart broken that my baby was gone and I was so certain that something would happen with the other baby I wouldn't sleep and was so emotional about it all, until my wonderful husband put his arm around me and said "This baby is meant to be our family and we will have three beautiful children." I don't know why that made everything better but it did. I love Dave for always being there for me and saying just what i needed to hear. My all day sickness doesn't hit me as early but I have still been pretty sick, but I couldn't have asked for better family and friends who take good care of us. So that is our BIG news story. May 8Th can't come fast enough! I can't wait to meet this little one who was so determined to be with us.