Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Go UTES!!!!!

We love that the weather is cooling down, school is now in a groove, and college football is upon us!!! Saturday was the big rivalry game  BYU vs. UTAH. I was raised a Utah fan thanks to my dad. But, Dave was actually raised a BYU fan since Grandpa Steve played for them back in the day. Somewhere along the way Dave saw the light and has been a Utes fan ever since. So its only right our kids follow our example! We normally have all the family over for the game but this year we kept it just the five of us. We wanted to sit with the kids and teach them about football. Ava was really into learning all about the game, she kept asking all these questions and then doing some pretty funny cheers! In the end it was a great evening, especially since Utah creamed BYU!!!

don't have a clue as to why Cash will not smile when a camera is out. In real life he is a smiley boy, I promise!!

Dave, Ava, and Jovi oh and do you see Cash rolling down the hill?!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st day of SCHOOL!!!

Wow!! Ava is in Kindergarten!!! How we have dreaded this day since we had her. Not really but kind of. It is a scary feeling knowing that we are starting our school years. We love Ava so much and we are so excited for this new adventure in her life. Ava is so lucky to participate in the Chinese Immersion program our elementary school offers. She spends half her day in English then the last half in Chinese. Her Chinese teacher doesn't speak a word of English in front of the students!Ava is so dang smart that she needed this extra challenge, can't wait to see her progress throughout the year. I went with her to orientation and her Chinese teacher had them speaking Chinese already!! She comes home so happy and loves telling us all about her day. I even walked into the kitchen the other day and she was teaching Cash how to say sticker in Chinese!

Our gorgeous daughter!
Ava picked out everything she is wearing, it took her a good 15 minutes to decide on what backpack she wanted! I love that she is so opinionated even if it does drive me a little crazy sometimes!
Ava giving Cash a hug and Cash trying to act too cool for it!
Mom and Ava. I was crying like a baby!