Tuesday, August 30, 2011

summer 2011 part 3

We spent a lot of the summer outdoors. Dave and I use to go four wheeling all the time but the more kids we have the harder it is to go. So one Sunday Dave loaded the kids up and took them for a ride in the field behind our house. Nic was going crazy that he wasn't with the kids and Dave so he some how squeezed his way through the fence and up on the four wheeler.

Getting ready to go!

Poor Cash the only helmet that fits is Ava's old Princess helmet! Oh well safety first!!

Another way we spent our summer, being lazy!! The kids love to pull all the pillows off the sofa and make a big bed on the floor. They call it their nest. Its pretty much a daily occurrence.

Ava just loves having a little sister. She is always willing to hold her and Jovi doesn't seem to mind!

Jovi at 2 months. She is growing like crazy! She loves her bottles and loves to be around everyone. Her and Ava are very similar both love to be the center of attention!

Miss Jovi loves her tummy. She has her tummy time while the big kids are in the tub. She loves to watch them splash the water. Anything they do is hilarious to her. Look at those arm rolls! I seriously can't get enough of them!

Dave and the kids. All I need for a perfect evening!

We enjoyed some wonderful fireworks up at Weber State. The kids were so cute laying together.

Well, that pretty much sums up our summer. Like I said we spent a lot of time at Lagoon and the zoo. I did take pictures but they just didn't make it in the post. Ava thinks that Lagoon is the coolest place ever! She loves going with her cousins. Cash on the other hand... well lets just say he is finally warming up to it. As long as we cover his eyes on some of the wilder rides he is just fine. The zoo has been fun they have had dinosaurs there all summer, so of course the kids are loving that. We still see the bird show every time and love to watch the elephants enjoy the exhibit that Dave help build.

It sure has been a fun summer. I love that we could just be lazy and enjoy our time introducing Jovi to the family. Our first summer as a family of FIVE!! Wow we survived it!!

Good bye summer hello FALL!!!

Summer 2011 part 2

While everyone was in town Dad had to get a family picture. So all 33 yeah that's right 33 of us met at the park for pictures. It was over pretty quick when you have five boys under the age of three and three babies under the age of six months. But it turned out great. What a great moment in our family at this time. It will be fun to look back on this picture.

Uncle Matt, Trevor and Grandpa Tom.

Look at those baby blues!! Ava and Kylie waiting for family pictures.

My sweet boy. He knows he is cute that's the problem!!

Cash just loves his power wheels. It really has been the best toy we have ever bought the kids. He rides it everyday until his battery dies. He drives it more then Ava ever has. He loves giving all his friends rides around the neighborhood.

Cash taking Gavin for a ride in his jeep. They had a blast!

Another one of Cash's favorites, Dave's long board. When he was smaller Dave would hold him while going on runs, now Cash sits on it while you push it down the drive way. He has his own skate board and he does stand on it but I have yet to find a helmet that fits his tiny head so I don't let him play with it very much.

We spent a fun afternoon with Grandma Vicky. We ate at The Pie (yummy) and then we headed over to Great Grandpa Close's house. Nate found Grandpa's Navy uniform, can't wait to see how they display it in their house. The kids had fun running around the backyard playing games. I sure wish Grandpa was still with us to see all of his grandchildren. Its so funny to look at Cash and see my grandpa in him. They share the same birthday and some of the same personality! They make alot of the same faces. I remember telling Dave that right after Cash was born he was making a grandpa face.

I use to do the same thing on the chain fence. I thought it was funny that Cash thought to do the same!

When my mom was five they made these imprints in the cement. Ava is five and her feet fit perfectly in my mom's impression.

Cash and Dave at Great Grandpa's house.

Ava, Owen, Grandma Jacobs, and Trevor eating at The Pie.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SUMMER 2011 part 1

Wow! I can't believe summer is coming to an end. It has kind of been a blur since we had Jovi right at the beginning of our summer. We spent alot of time swimming, playing at Lagoon, and going to the zoo more then I can count! In july my entire family came over for a visit. We started the week off in Midway celebrating the 4th of July. Then it was back to our house I'm so glad the basement was finished so we had room to have my sister and brother and their families stay with us. We were able to meet Gavin and Trevor for the first time. We were able to see Jaxon since his open heart surgery, We ended the week blessing Miss Jovi. It meant so much to me to have all my family here. Jovi is the first one to have everyone from my side of the family in her circle. I love my family so much its hard to be away it makes these moments even better. Here are just a few of the highlights of our 2011 summer.


Love the rec center! It has been the top spot to swim this summer. All three kids love the water and enjoy playing and splashing around. Aunt Bethany told us about this amazing life jacket. So we went out and found as soon as possible! Cash thinks its the coolest thing ever. The water slide was a huge hit. Even little Trevor was able to slide down.

Cash loves the water.my three little water bugs! Not a surprise Jovi loves the water.

Gavin and Cash running around the splash pad.

We spent the Fourth up at Midway. Its the first time since we have been married that we havent participated in the local festivites. It was kind of nice not so crazy. We enjoyed walking around the resorts, the guys played golf and we just relaxed. It was so gorgeous up in the Mountains, it was raining on the 4th but that didn't stop the fireworks.

Showing the kids how they should be reacting to our awesome fireworks!

A little nervous to give Cash a sparkler but the kid surprised us!

Ava watching the golfers go by.
LOVE!!! Such a sweet moment.
Grandpa Tom and Ava posing for the camera in Park City.
Dave golfing
Ava was in love with Gavin! She followed him everywhere.
Two little trouble makers! Cash was such a bad influence on Gavin.
So much fun to spend the 4th of July up in Midway. Here we are with Dad, Carla, Nate, Bethany and Gavin