Monday, May 24, 2010

Ava's Spring Recital

Ava has worked so hard this spring on her new dance routine. She was so excited when she learned it was to Michael Jackson's Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller. All the kids in her class are HUGE fans. There was big drama one day at school when one of the kids said he didn't like Michael Jackson.
Ava was definitely born to dance. Even at soccer games she is out there practicing her routine by doing the robot or a zombie walk not even paying attention to the soccer ball. All of us who know Ava know she is a rising star!! She doesn't get shy up on the stage I think she is actually pretty comfortable up there. We just love this girl so much, I don't think I will ever get tired of watching her. She is so expressive it just kills me. A big thanks goes to Aunt Mindee for fixing Ava's hair, she looked beautiful and for watching Cash for us so we could give all of our attention to Ava, Grandma Vicky, Val. Grandma Jackie, Aunt Blythe, Koi, and Aunt Lauren for watching her dance her heart out. Thanks for loving her.

This video makes me smile. Dave and I have watched it almost everyday since her recital. Wait for the zombie walk, it is AWESOME!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cutness factor is off the charts!!!

These Kiddos of mine just seem to get cuter every second. Here are some recent pics of the monkeysCash Rockin his Mickey Mouse outfit.
Could not believe my eyes when Dave bought this for him. He is so not into dressing our son in character clothing. But when it comes to Disney I'm turning him!! For months Ava has begged me to let her have a chin length bob. I couldn't do it, but she finally wore me down. She looks like she is six!

We found these cute trucker hats at the mall. Ava loves it and wears it everyday. Wait until you see Cash in his, TO DIE!!! he just doesn't sit still long enough for a picture.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


We by "we" I mean Dave put in our gate on the side of the house. Cash sat right by his side assisting Dave. Cash ate so much dirt!!! So when I would tell him "NO" his little lip quivered and the tears would swell up in his big hazel eyes he was so mad at me so for the rest of the day this is how he would look at me. "Sure take away all my fun Mom!" The kid lives for the outdoors. He brings me his shoes first thing in the morning so he can get out there and play. If only the weather would get on board.
Work boots  CHECK
Safety glasses CHECK
Work gloves CHECK
Broom and dust pan CHECK
We are finally tearing down our bold, bright, tacky blue/light blue/navy/cream/red tile back splash!!! So excited for this, our kitchen was the one room in our house that just didn't feel like us. So my wonderful hubby with the help from his little apprentice got to work. Stay tuned for after pics.

I love this girls style!

After Ava soccer game we went with Koi, Blythe, Grandpa Steve, Grandma Jack, and Grandma Vicky to visit Grandma Jackie's friend at her little farm. We saw the cutest baby goats, chickens, turkeys, and horses. Cash found himself a new place to live!! In classic Michelle form my batteries died so I didn't get every many pictures. It is always a blast to hang out with Koi. He has the best vocab and says the funniest things. We just love him.
(Tommie, Copper, Cash)
 Too cute not to put this picture up. It is so amazing to see these handsome boys together. They are all so freaking cute!!! Can't believe how much they have all grown.

I love that my Dad still acts like a kid around the grand kids. Cash LOVES Grandpa Tom. This picture is priceless!!