Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to SCHOOL

Ava's first day of school! She had to wear warm clothes since it was raining and cold. She loves this jacket and jeans so thats what she wore. So cute!!!
Cash was trying to escape! Sorry dude nothing gets past me!!!

After her first day Ava was off to her play group. When she came home it was straight into her jammies and she passed out on the couch.

Labor Day Weekend

Last minute trip to Denver over the holiday. I couldn't have been a better get away! It was so nice to see Matt and his family, plus Bonnie and her family and Dad and Carla. I would have been great if Gavin and his parents were there. We flew out Saturday afternoon, I was a little worried about flying with Cash, he has to move! But, Ava showed him how to open and close the shade over the window and look out, he loved that until he discovered the trays on the back of each seat, luckily there was a little boy his same age in front of him. We ran into some turbulence and that put CASH out. Ava is such an awesome traveler, she has been flying since she was one month old! The kids love to ride the train at DIA. It was so funny they were riding in the stroller but they still held on to the poles while the train moved! We spent our visit playing rockband, going to church, watching movies, going to the Denver Zoo, playing at Mcdonalds, cuddling with Nala and Nicodemus,loving on Owen and relaxing with Nietos. I love my family! Dad loves using the timer on his camera! He had us all climb up this hill and get ready while he placed the camera on a trash can! Seriously so embarrassing!!
Dad with his three gorgeous granddaughters.

Heres the manly men! Jax, Cash, dad, Luke, and Nicodemus.

This is the morning we flew out. I couldn't get enough of these two dogs. I love them!! Bonnie and Wes have done such an amazing job training these two. The best behaved dogs ever!

Alyssa, Kylie and Ava playing at the park.

Dad pushing Ava and Cash on the swings. I think Dad did 100 underdogs that night.

Cash and Jax at the zoo

Ava loving Nala.