Thursday, March 8, 2012


Cash's big day is finally here!! I didn't think that he would really care or want a party, but boy was I wrong. Ever since he saw us getting all ready for Ava's all he could talk about is cake and balloons. You would ask him what he would like for his birthday and it was the same answer every time, cake and balloons! Please!! Well, that is something that I can totally handle! I wanted to go all out but my dear sweet husband convinced me that Cash doesn't need a big party like Ava. So I pulled back and just stuck to the basics. 

I saw this cute idea for a dinosaur jacket on Pinterest, and immediately knew that I wanted to make it for him. When we gave it too him he was in heaven and didn't take it off for at least three days! 

We had a family party at Grandma Jack and Grandpa Steve's place. Grandma Jack got him a HUGE bouquet of dinosaur balloons. Grandma Vicky found this great dinosaur cake pan that worked out perfectly for our little man. We  have a great family close by who sure do love this little guy. They spoiled him with lots of fun toys. 

. He had so much fun delivering his invites to his friends and was super excited to party with all of them. Here is his cake for his friend party. I love that this was such a hit with Cash. He still pulls out the pan and wants his T-Rex cake. 
Love his squishy smile! 
Here are all of his buddies having some lunch before the pinata! 

Yes, you read that right a pinata! Dave got the great idea to do this. It was so much fun, what kid wouldn't want a pinata?! 
Here goes the birthday boy! His friends Alli, Cohen. Jonas, Samson, Conner, and Amelia cheering him on. It was so funny because none of them knew what to do. They would barely hit it. Conner was the only one who would hit it hard. Dave actually went into the kitchen after we realized this could take all day and cut some holes into the pinata. When it was Conner's turn again he busted it open!
Time for cake!!! I love how giddy Cash was while we sang Happy Birthday to him. Priceless!!!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy ever!!!

Dinosaur Museum

One of our most favorite places around here is Thanksgiving Point. They have the best dinosaur museum. We headed down a week before Cash's birthday to kick start his week long celebration!If you know Cash his most favorite thing in all the world (besides ducky) are his dinosaurs. I love that he can tell you there names but more then  that he can do a killer dinosaur impression.
  It started with watching the live feeding of a rat to a Monitor  Lizard. It was the most fasinating thing we have ever watched. A huge crowd gathers around this tank and watches as this lizard catches the rat. You think it would be a quick ordeal but no! It is the weirdest thing to watch a creature capture his lunch, we couldn't look away! After that we headed to the science room then off to the dinosaur exhibits. The kids were Jr palentologist, they made a cast of a T-rex tooth and raptor claw. 

Learning about magnetic force
making clouds

a favorite stop is the "sand room" The kids loved playing in the water and sand with mini dinosaurs.
Weighing in! We weighed as much as a.... don't know Dave cut that out of the pic!! LOL
Here is our Cashosaurs! Rare to find one standing still!
Ava is always posing! 
Even sweet Jovi had a great time looking at everything, mostly she loved watching Cash. 
My kids love sharks too!
Digging for bones
Showing off their cast molds. 
It was a fun filled day, and like always full of laughs. I love our kids they make everyday more enjoyable!

Snow Day, FINALLY!!!

After a long cold winter, it finally snowed! The kids were so excited. Dave is so good to go out in the cold and play with them. I'm glad I got to stay inside with Jovi! 

Cash sure is a stud! Only he could make eating snow look so cool!
All the neighbors were out making snowmen. One of our wonderful neighbors supplied coal for all the snowmen. Ava rummaged through the fridge to find the rest of the finishing touches. Broccoli for eyes, a carrot for the nose and an orange slice for the mouth. Very creative I think!
Dave with Ava and her snowman
Dave made the kids a little jump/hill to go down on the sled. The loved it!
These two make me smile!

Christmas 2011

The Christmas season was full of fun family traditions. We had our trusty elf on the shelf Buddy watching the kids for Santa. We saw Christmas lights at Willard Bay. We had numerous family parties. I love this time of year especially with little ones. I think I might be winning Dave over!

 Christmas morning was the best one we have had since having kids. Both Ava and Cash are at the perfect age for the magic of Santa. Ava wrote Santa several letters and they all asked for the same toy. She loves Monster High dolls. She was so thrilled that Santa had received her letters and brought her what she really wanted. 

 Cash made our Christmas morning! Cash loves dinosaurs to put it mildly.  Santa thought it would be fun to wrap Cash's big dinosaur "Spike" up and hide it behind the tree. Spike is a remote control dinosaur so the remote was inside Cash's stocking. We had him open his stocking up and he found the remote. He started playing with it and out walks this dinosaur ripping out of the paper. The look on Cash's face was priceless!
Jovi was half asleep not really feeling it this year! ;)
One of our traditions is to go visit one of Santa's helpers at the mall. Grandma Jackie bought the girls these adorable Christmas dresses. This picture just captures all their little personalities. I love these kiddos!