Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a few updates on the little man... No more eye boogers, YEAH!!! His eyes are definitely BLUE, Sleeping through the night since seven weeks I just didn't mention it earlier didn't want to jinx it. Will talk any ones ear off if they will let him, grabbing anything he can (Ava's hair) . He is starting to like tummy time, wearing 6 month size mostly for the length, he is losing his hair on the sides, but it is still black as night in the back, his cheeks seem to get bigger everyday. Loves story time, jeep rides, Tuesdays, Thursdays because the "loud one" is at pre-school, Sunday because that's "guys day"and he loves me!! Such a mama's boy!! He makes my day when I get him out of bed in the morning just a big smile, best way to start the day. Here are some pictures of Cash smiling I worked hard to get these he is already getting suspicious about the camera. He is getting chubbier by the second. Don't you just want to squeeze him? I probably kiss his cheeks a thousand times a day. You would too!

Wow! Has is been four years already? On April ninth we celebrated our anniversary. How lucky I am to have found him and to share this wonderful life that we have created together. Dave is such an amazing guy, I love that he treats me like I am his everything, I love that no matter how busy his schedule is he always finds time to play cafe with Ava. I love how at peace he is while holding his little man. I love all that he does for our family. He is the hardest working guy I know he puts in long hours at work and school and still finds time to be with us. I remember on our wedding day, we couldn't keep our eyes off each other even the Bishop made a comment about it during the ceremony! I'm glad we still have eyes for each other four years later!! I love you Dave.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ZiGgY PiGgY!!!
Poor Cash, he just got done chowing down on a 6oz bottle, which in of itself is a lot for him to eat but the poor thing just wasn't full as soon as he swallowed his last bit of formula he got this sad look on his face, you would think we never fed the guy! So we made him 1 oz thinking that would be enough but nope he wanted one more oz then he was finally full after 8oz!!! No wonder his little face is so round and plump!