Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Wrap Up

I haven't been very good about blogging. Plus, I get all frustrated with uploading my pictures. I put blogging on the back burner and when I find an extra mintue I try to update.
So here is our December update! We had such a wonderful holiday season. My sister in law and I did the whole black friday shopping so I had Christmas shopping done all in one night! It was so much fun and my sister in law is the best! We were really able to just relax and enjoy all the parties in December. We started the month off with Ava's Christmas Concert. She sang three Christmas carols with her pre-school class, then she danced to "What's This" from Nightmare Before Christmas(one of her favs!) One part of her dance she had to kissed her little friend Mason on the cheek! She was so nervous to do that. She told me about two weeks before her concert that they were doing that in the dance and she made me promise not to tell Dave because she was worried that he would be mad at her since she promised Dave she wouldn't kiss boys! But, it was really cute and Dave didn't mind. Dave turned 28 on the 20th. I gave both kids 15 dollars to buy Dave a present. Cash picked out a new mirror for the shower with a little help from me! Ava wanted to buy Dave a new shirt. So off we went to the mall. Dave is the hardest person to shop for. So I was getting alittle frustrated that we couldn't find anything, so under my breath I just said "OH Dad wouldn't be caught dead in any of this." and just then a sales women came up to us and asked how we were and Ava looked at her and said " Oh my Dad wouldn't be caught dead in any of this." I started laughing so hard but the lady didn't seem to happy by that comment and just walked off. We had a fun night celebrating Dave's birthday. We went down to Zoo lights on Christmas Eve and had so much fun with Koi, Blythe, Dustin, Lauren and Grandma Jackie. Dave had Cash and Koi throwing snow balls at all of us it was so funny, and WOW can they throw! Ava is quite the singer and would sing all the Christmas music she heard. Christmas morning started bright and early. I had my alarm set for 6:00 since they normally get up around 7:00. But no at 5:50am I heard Ava go "Merry Christmas Cash!" and Cash said "Hi Sissy! Alitte help here get out bed." So sweet they are to each other. They came in our room and watched a movie until Grandma Vicky and Val got to our house. They were so patient to wait an hour. Here is Cash all tuckered out Christmas day. He fell asleep at 6:00pm and woke up at 8:00am.
Ava was so excited to get new Barbies.

Cash had a new skateboard. Now all we need is the helmet, he has such a little head we can't find one that fits. Hopefully by spring we will!

Santa brought Cash this awesome train table. He was glued to it all morning! Ava opened up the rest of his presents.

Here we are at the Zoo.

Cash eating the Gingerbread House

Snuggled up reading after a long day.

Ava with her friends from school. There are three classes in this picture. She only has eight kids in her class.

Cash trying his hardest to sit and be patient while waiting for Ava's concert to start. He did like watching the girls dance!
That pretty much sums it up! I know its a little frazzled but at least its updated! Here's to a New Year full of memories!