Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ava 3 years Cash 6 weeks
Here are some adorable pictures of the kids. Ava cracks us up, she is so photogenic at home but as soon as we get her in front of a professional she just looks like she is in pain! It just goes to show her personality you can't make her do ANYTHING she doesn't want to do, we even tried to bribe her with a treat, she wasn't having it. She is still the most gorgeous girl with her big brown eyes every picture is so Ava.

Cash wasn't crazy about the photos either but he is a trooper. Nothing beats the naked pictures at this age!! He looks so small and delicate that won't last for very long. He is our little man who makes my heart turn into goo!! These are just some of our favorites there are more on Jacobsland.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Cash Barnes, Tommy Dobson, Cooper Bruce

This picture is priceless!! The three most handsome boys around town. This was taken after Cash's blessing on March 1st. Grandpa Tom wanted a picture of all three grandsons. What a great idea. All three boys were born just a few weeks apart. We just love them!