Monday, July 26, 2010

Owen came to visit!!!!!

When Bonnie called a few weeks ago and said that they had a lay over here on their way to California I jumped at the chance to meet my nephew for the first time! I can't express how proud I was of my sister, to see her with Owen is so amazing. She has always been the BEST aunt ever, now she is a wonderful mom! Owen is the sweetest baby. He loved watching Ava's every move. He is so handsome, you look at Owen and he is a mini Wes! Love that the boys look so much like their daddy's. It was only a very short visit but I'm in love! I can't wait to see them again, hope to see them before Bonnie has baby #2 in February. We love you Nieto Family!!
Me with the "cute chubby guy"(thats what Ava calls him!)
Only picture I could manage of the three kids.
Ava, Grandma Vicky, and Owen
Cash was getting jealous that my attention was elsewhere.
It was hard entertaining Cash, with escalators around. Good thing Wes was there to chase after him when he made his way but the escalator! So we found something else to entertain him.
My gorgeous sister and me! Man, I miss her, she is my best friend its so hard to be away from her especially when she is having these adorable babies! We have come along way since our days living in the Avenues!
For once Ava didn't want to be in pictures so I gave her the camera and this is one of her shots.

Earning his keep.

I would love to let this guy get away with anything, but when he decides to spill the dog water everywhere I pull out the mop and have him pre-mop my floors for me. He actually enjoys helping me clean. After all his hard work....
Its off to the bath, then some yummy chocolate covered pretzels(I know I suck as a mom!) with some milk and his Lighting McQueen chair.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It was bound to happen........

Well Cash did it...
he went and turned 18 months old on me!!! This picture captures him to a T! He is pure joy and happiness every second of the day. He rolls with the punches with a smile on his face. He is growing so fast that I feel like if I blink he is going to be 18 and headed off to college. Grandpa Steve cursed Dave "One day I hope you have one just like you!" From day one Cash has been Dave's mini me. I love it! Cash just screams BOY!!!! In everything he does from playing, eating, walking, talking, and eating dirt. I really don't know what we would do if we didn't have this little man here turning our world upside down. I lose count on how many times I have to change his clothes due to him being so messy. All he needs is to be outside with the hose, the joy that gives him is unreal! He loves his ducky with all his heart, he will burrow his head into ducky then flip him around and chew on his feet. He loves brushing his teeth, he loves wearing his hat but it has to be slighty on the side, he loves pushing Ava's buttons, I wish you could hear the evil laugh he does when he knows he is bugging the crap out of her! He loves his Daddy, he just wants to be glued to Dave's hip it doesn't matter what Dave is doing he wants in on it. He loves his mama he looks at me with that smile of his and I melt. I ask him to do something and he will look at me with a smile then do what is asked of him. What an amazing attitude to have in life.
If you haven't been able to hang out with this kid you are missing out on the coolest kid ever! We love you to pieces C-Money!!!!!
(sorry for all the exclaimation points, I just love him!)

Fourth of July!!!

We had such a fun holiday weekend. We spent our mornings at parades, afternoons eating ice cream, evenings enjoying fireworks.I couldn't resist buying this for Ava, its so her!!!
A Ava going down the bouncy slide! Her favorite.

Lincoln and Ava eating yummy Pace's Popsicles-a must at the parade! Aren't they adorable!

Favorite picture of the day. Ava and Koi watching the parade together. They are such good buddies!

Ice cream from Cold Stone!!!

Cash figured out the Pop Its!

Fireworks at Layton City. Both kids loved the firework show. The finale was wonderful.