Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LAGOON, Its what FUN is!!!!

Our wonderful friends gave us passes to Lagoon! Dave and I were pretty excited, neither one of us has been there since high school! Ava was so excited, but it took Cash awhile to warm up to it. First, ride was Bulgy the Whale. Ava kept her arm around Cash the entire time, what an awesome big sister.

Dave and Ava on the Flying Aces. This was Dave's favorite as a kid, and it is also Ava's favorite now.

Ava and I went back in the evening to experience Lagoon at night all lite up. Ava had a story about every ride, why we were on it and what we were doing. She made it a very fun evening.

Ava said that driving this car was a blast. She now thinks that she needs to drive all the time!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All the Girls Say I'm Pretty Fly For A White Guy!!!

Cash loves to wear his trucker hat but it has to be worn to the side. Not sure its helping to keep the sun off his face! Anyway, he was wearing it all weekend like this and Offsprings song was just on repeat in my head when I would look at him! He is so beyond cute it just kills me.

He are my two trouble makers! You will always find these two outside in kahoots!(not sure about the spelling!) Cash loves to pull the hose out to water the trees and garden, Nic is right there helping. Look at those faces! Up to no good!

St George for Memorial Day Weekend

Sophie and Ava
Our friends the Anderson's invited us to St. George for the weekend. We had so much fun. Dave was able to golf and the rest of the time we played at splash pads.
Cash normally loves the water, but the fountains here were huge. So he hitched a ride with Dad.

We had so much fun swimming with the kids.