Thursday, January 28, 2010


On Saturday we took all three kids to get their hair cut. It was well over due for all. At first I didn't want to cut Cash's hair because I love long hair on boys, but it was growing so uneven. So Dave finally talked me into it. As for Ava she woke up that morning and told me that she was ready to have short hair and that is what she would like. The girl knows what she wants and goes for it, I love that about her. Well, Nic was just looking so awful he goes outside to play in the fields and comes home with stickers and burrs stuck all over so he was going to go to Pet Smart. So we head over to take Nic in and they were so mean to him and not in a joking way just flat out mean that I decided we would take him somewhere else. We took the kids to a place called Cookie Cutters, they have cute cars and animals for the kids to sit in and t.v.s to sidetrack them. Ava went first choosing a pink elephant to sit on and Cinderella to watch. She told the girl exactly how she wanted it and then sat so still. Cash was so excited to sit in a blue car with a steering wheel he had a blast sitting there watching Baby Eisenstein. The lady cut his hair with clippers then finished it up with scissors. I can't believe how still Cash sat for that. So sad I don't have pictures of the actual hair cutting(batteries died!!) but it was still a very memorable day.Here's the before.

Ava's after shot. You can't tell but she cut about 5 inches off her hair.
Not a very good pic, but he never stops moving. He looks like a little boy and not a baby.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Look Who turned One!!

I will admit that this past week has been so hard on me. I'll I could think about was my little boy is growing up on me! He started out so small weighing in at 6lbs 14oz. He was this tiny bundle of yumminess. The past year he has grown into a rough and tumble little man, weighing in now at 21.5 lbs with a smile that melts my heart every time he flashes it at me. It is so genuine you can just feel his happiness oozing out of him. You can't help but be in a good mood around him .He is getting smarter by the second. He says "hi", gives high fives, has six teeth, figures everything out on his own, is so close to walking, is so loving towards his sister, and idolizes his Dad, He has been the easiest baby ever. I could go on forever about him. He has truly blessed our family we Love you Cash.Cash 10 days old.

Cash supporting his team. GO UTES!!

I have this picture hanging on my wall. It is by far my favorite shot of him. Those cheeks, those eyes, that adorable forehead.

He still sleeps with ducky.
Cash at about 61/2 months learning to crawl.

Such a stud!!


We seriously were laughing so hard at the little man. He wasn't quite sure about his cake at first....
Then he realized it wasn't so bad

He was shoveling that cake in like there was no tomorrow. He was so serious he would lick his fingers then dig them in for some more. We could not get him to smile I think he thought I better hurry and get down to business before mom and dad realize what they are letting me do.

So sad when we took the cake away. Look at that face!!

Taken this morning. I was so tempted to wake him up at 5:51 am just to take a picture to mark the exact moment he turned one, but I didn't I waited until 7:00. So happy to be awake.

He didn't want to give me back the candy he is holding. I would ask for it but this is all that I got.

This is his sweet new ride he got for his birthday. He has spent almost every minute on this car. man I love this guy.