Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break!!! So far.....

Since we realized that Dave's spring break was this week we thought that we would just spend time together as a family and not be stressed out with school. So we started off the week with a nice Sunday morning walk. We have a creek that runs through the neighborhood, the kids love to walk or ride bikes to it and throw rocks in. I love that Ava is so willing to help Cash. She would find rocks and take them to him. They could spend hours doing this and Dave and I could spend hours watching them!

 Off to the Zoo!! This was Cash's first time!! He loved the elephants they were eating hay from the umbrella that Dave fabricated for the zoo. Cash couldn't stop staring at the baby elephant,so cute.
Had fun at the Cat House and watching the "ellalints" (Ava's word)
Loved riding the carousel and see how Ava measured up to the gorillas!
                                      Me and Ava sitting in the gorilla's arms. Do you love the pajama shirt she had to wear. She told me she needed a shirt with animals since she was going to the zoo.

Ava's most favorite animals. She loves to draw peacocks and she adores elephants.

Today is St. Patrick's Day!! Play group was at our house today. So I made cookies with green frosting and let the kids have at it. They had so much fun! I love how much frosting they would put on one cookie, it was cracking me up.
Beautiful Ava. She had school today and got to wear her awesome green shirt!