Friday, July 1, 2011

A bat, a slip n slide and a snake

Found this little guy on the front of the house. Shocked that he was out during the day. Dave was worried that something was wrong with it, but it flew off as soon as it got dark. I'm not use to seeing bats but I guess they are fairly common in these parts!

It took him awhile to get the hang of how to slide but now he loves it. The kid has no fear! Wonder were he got that?!

I love this picture, this is so how it is. Ava posing looking all cute and then there is Cash somewhere close by being our little monster! He slammed into her so hard they both went flying off into the grass!

"Snakes! Why does it have to be snakes!" - Indiana Jones

I feel you on that one Dr. Jones! The only thing that I hate about where we live is the snakes! In fact when we first moved in Dave wouldn't let me out back in fear that I would see a snake and go into pre-term labor with Cash! I hate the darn things. I scream and run to Dave when I do see one, and he always comes to my rescue! While we were outside on the slip n' slide Dave and I were chatting on the front steps and he casually goes into the garage puts on his gloves while still talking to me and walks by me, bends down and picks up this nasty snake. I can't believe how close it was to me! Ava hates them and wouldn't go near it, but leave it to Cash to be curious about it. He wanted to just look at him but eventually Dave talked him into touching it!

All I can say is, Cash better not pull the same stunts that Dave pulled on Grandma Jack or we might be selling a child!!

Ava Graduates!!!

What a sad/happy day for us. Ava has been going to preschool for about 3 years. How luck we were to be reading a local magazine and saw the ad for JDS. Best thing we have ever put her in. Ava was so shy and scared to talk to anyone except family. But, her wonderful teacher Miss Marsha broke her out of her shell. I can't describe the love we have for Miss Marsha. She is the most amazing, most patient, most loving, most caring teacher ever. It was a highlight of the month to be able to go and help at school. She has taught Ava her ABC's, numbers, colors, shapes, math, and reading at a 1st/2nd grade level all before kindergarten! I know alot of it is what we do at home but it is sure nice to have a teacher who believes in the potential of these kids. Ava has made some wonderful friends she is so sad to be leaving them, but some are in the same dance classes as her. I'm so excited for Ava to move on in her schooling, come August she will start her Chinese immersion program in Kindergarten. The sky is the limit for Miss Ava Jae! Ava with Miss Marsha
Ava and her buddy Synae

Its late but here's Easter

We didn't really go all out this year for Easter. I was on bed rest and just sick of being pregnat. We did dye eggs but I didn't even break out the camera. Oh well here's to next year!!! Egg hunt in the yard after church. Good Lookin kids!
Easter egg basket that the bunny left for Ava.

Cash wasn't awake yet!

Grandma Jackie's friend lets the kids come and visit the baby goats around Easter. We were in love with them, so cute. Ava loved holding them.

Cash loved this horse. He kept running back to him to either talk or try to feed him sticks that he would find!