Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lunch at the Park

I know I just posted this morning, but Dave had the idea of going to the park for lunch. So I made us some sandwiches and we were off to Layton Park. Our kids are so adorable!!!! We could spend all day outdoors.
Ava and Cash sharing the swing

Beautiful Ava going down the slide
Here is Cash on the swing. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks 24/7!?! Such a chunk

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun!!! So far.....

Dave and I decided we needed a night away from the kids. We dropped them off at Grandma Jack's and Grandpa Steve's house. We loaded up the four wheeler and headed up Farmington Canyon. We camped at the Bountiful Flats camp ground, we were the only ones there since it was a sunday night. We had a blast four wheeling and roasting dinner, until about 1:00 am thats when a strange car pulled up and parked Dave waited for a few mintues then went up to go see what he was doing the guy hurried and jumped in his car and sped off. Dave was all calm about it but I have seen one to many horror movies to know we better get going!Dave tried to reassure me that we would be fine but my wondering mind got the best of me. SO my wonderful hubby packed everything up in the dark and got me home safely!!

Rain, four wheeling, sunset and Dave it doesn't get any better.
We forgot our roasting sticks, so Dave being the handy man that he is cut down some baby aspen trees and widdled us some sticks.

We rode up to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset, it was gorgeous.

Beautiful Canyon

Dave setting up camp.

Ava Dave Cash swimming at Grandma Jack's neighbors pool. We went up almost everyday. The kids love the water neither one is afraid of it. At first Ava had every floatie on but she slowly started to take them off. She loved to have Dave throw her in the air, jump off the side of the pool and watch me go off the diving board. Cash loved to float around and chew on anything he could reach.

Here are me and the kids recovering after a fun Fourth of July weekend.

Rylee, Kam, and Ava getting ready to watch fireworks. Cutest girls in town.

Me and Brittany hanging out on the 4th.

Kam, Rylee, Ava

Ava. Me and Cash. Kaysville Parade

Ava waiting in line for the bouncy slide. She is so tiny she was hauling down those slides.

Ava playing with Nic before we went to the parade.

I woke up to find both kids in Cash's crib!! They were both in shock that Mom caught them!! Too cute