Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Valentines Day was a big day at our house!

We always kick off Valentines Day with our 14 days of love. This year we decided to do all the cheesy love notes to the kids. They thought it was great and enjoyed getting some pretty funny things. Their favorite valentine from us was the sticky hand saying "We're stuck on you" 

 One of their presents is always a shirt to wear. Can you feel the love?!
 Big day here in our house, Ava lost her first tooth over a wonderful dinner of spaghetti! She looked at me with this surprised expression on her face and smiled at me as she pulled her tooth out! She was beyond excited to finally loose a tooth!

Jovi's first valentines day! she was super stoked! Not really she could care less! She loves being with everyone and we love having her!

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